Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

Teks "UUD" dalam Bahasa Inggris


Independence belongs to all ethnic groups and races , cause of its colonialism in the world must be dismissed , because because its in humanitarian and injustice to human-being.
And the strunggle of indonesia independence has reaced its peak of harmony , happiness , and disparity to bring the indonesian to the gate of independence of indonesian state, independently unity , authority , justice and prosperity.
With the praise and special gift of Allah the almighty and the high willing to live independently , people of indonesia declare its INDEPENDENCE.
With reference to this , to form indonesia goverment which protects  the whole citizen of indonesia , and to increase public prosperity , to educate people and take part on stabilizing the world based on independence last long harmony and social justice , is formed indonesian independence in the state statue which formed in state arrangement of republic of indonesia with popular authority based on :
1)   Believe in the one  supreme GOD
2)   Justice and civilized  humanity
3)   The unity of INDONESIA
4)   The democracy led by understanding wisdom among honorable representatives from the parliament house
5)   Social righteous ness and justice for the citizen of INDONESIA

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